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The Advantages of an Aerial Survey For Large Scale Commercial Projects

For a large-scale commercial project, it’s imperative that everything is planned out down to the last detail. Accurate data is important to avoid coming in over budget or suffering significant setbacks. One method of improving upon a large-scale commercial project is to complete a thorough and accurate aerial survey. There are many advantages to using […]

Tips for Finding the Right Municipal Land Surveying Company

When it comes to municipal land surveying, it’s important to find both an accurate and cost-effective solution. Municipalities will need to compare multiple quotes for their land surveying to determine which surveyor is best-suited to their needs. But what should municipalities be looking for in a surveyor? Here are some tips for finding the right land surveying […]

How Oil And Gas Engineering and Surveying Companies Are Evolving

From drone data collection to SaaS solutions, the way that surveying companies are collecting, storing, and distributing data is changing. Oil and gas surveying companies are changing the way they do business to reduce overhead, improve safety, and produce better results overall. Here are just a few ways these companies that offer surveying and engineering […]

4 Ways Pipeline Surveying Services Are Changing

As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, pipeline surveying has become even more important. Pipeline surveying has to be completed both thoroughly and efficiently; an inaccurate survey can be environmentally dangerous and physically hazardous, while a lengthy survey can cost a business substantial amounts of money due to commercial commitments. New technologies have […]

Tips for Choosing High Definition 3D Laser Scanning Services

Speed, cost, and accuracy — there are many factors you need to consider when you’re choosing a high-definition, 3D laser scanning service. If you find the right service, you won’t need to compromise between these very critical factors. However, you’ll need to take care to find the right service and the solution. Here are some […]

Need a Land Survey For an Oil And Gas Project? Think Landpoint

The Land surveying sector is undergoing some drastic changes in terms of technology. In the past, land surveying was often a time-consuming, costly process. New technologies have arisen that make the process faster and easier, especially in important, high volume industries such as the oil and gas industry. Technology is one of the things that […]

The Advantages of Using Drones for Wind Turbine Inspection

Traditionally, wind turbine inspection has been a slow process that is inherently dangerous. Often, wind turbines would need to be inspected manually, both during maintenance and construction. Today, using drones for wind turbine inspection can vastly speed up the process, making it both easier and safer. This post will take a look at the advantages […]