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Sustainable Energy vs. Renewable Energy: What’s the Difference?

From residential to commercial, sustainable energy and renewable energy development are both at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But what exactly is the difference between “sustainable” and “renewable” energy? Does the sustainable energy definition really differ from renewable? Let’s take a look at sustainable energy vs. renewable energy, especially in terms of what companies can […]

Natural Gas Infrastructure Demands in 2021

The natural gas infrastructure went through major changes and pressures throughout 2020. 2020 was an unprecedented time for the energy industry, and both oil and gas saw declines in 2020 — especially early in the year. But natural gas is rebounding and demand is improving, and this is expected to continue throughout 2021. Let’s take […]

Where Is Construction Booming in the United States?

As the economy reopens following the depths of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s likely that construction is going to be booming in quite a lot of areas. So, where is construction booming around the United States? What is a Construction Boom? A construction boom is an atypical increase in construction in a specific area of the […]

What Should You Look for in a Utility Inspection Provider?

Finding a reliable utility inspection provider is important both in terms of cost and safety. Whether a company is running older systems, brand new systems, or middle-of-the-line systems, there are unique challenges that will be faced. A utility inspection provider is the first line of defense against more significant and damaging issues.  But how do […]

Why Drones are Essential for Power Line Inspection

26 power line workers are electrocuted every year. It’s a dangerous job. Strangulation, falling, and other hazards are all risks that must be mitigated and guarded against. But all this can be virtually erased with the use of safe, cost-effective, and accurate drone powerline inspections. Drones can be used for everything from solar power inspections […]

How to Find Expert Natural Gas Inspection Companies

The world of pipeline surveying and inspection is getting a boost through new, advanced surveying technologies — designed to improve upon the pre-planning, planning, and maintenance stages of oil field projects. Today, new survey technologies can get your pipeline project off the ground faster, resulting in reduced delays and fewer potential reworks. Here’s what you […]

Types of Land Survey Services: Which Do You Need?

Land surveying covers a wide variety of products and services, depending on the type of surveying that’s needed for a project. Not only does surveying occur during different stages of a project and for a variety of industries, but it’s also completed with the use of different methods and technologies. Here is a complete overview […]

Connecting Design, Engineering, and Construction: Surveys at All Stages of the Process

Surveys are used throughout all stages of the construction process, from a pre-construction survey to ongoing maintenance and repair surveys. A good survey can identify potential problems with the construction site, locating security flaws and hidden dangers. Here’s an in-depth look on how surveying can improve the effectiveness and safety of construction projects.  During the […]