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What Should You Look for In a GIS Mapping Services Provider?

You’re looking for a GIS mapping services provider. But how can you tell which service is the right service for you? While there are many GIS mapping services providers out there, not all GIS & mapping services are made equal. Today, we’re going to take a deeper look at what you should look for in a […]

Which Utilities Need Underground Mapping?

Which utilities need underground mapping? All of them, really. Whenever a construction project, addition, renovation, or modification begins, one of the first steps should be an underground utility survey. Utility lines are everywhere, but they aren’t always visible. Using utility location services, you can identify where they are and hopefully avoid them. Today, we’re going […]

6 Fundamentals of a Safe Natural Gas Distribution System

Pipelines are known to be one of the safest types of natural gas distribution systems. But they still require proper planning, active maintenance, and monitoring. While pipelines rarely experience disasters, when they do experience a disaster, the results can be tremendous and long-lasting. Today, we’re going to take a look at what keeps a natural gas […]

The Role of Surveys in Pipeline Pig Tracking & Operations

Pipelines always begin with surveys. And it’s easy to see how a UAV can help with an initial pipeline survey. But pipeline management, maintenance, and repair go well beyond the initial surveys. Today, we’re going to take a look at the role of surveys and UAVs in pipeline pig tracking (as well as general operations). […]

Necessary Components of Safe Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline maintenance is incredibly important. Not only does the industry go through revisions of regulations and standards with some frequency, but no organization wants to have to deal with the consequences of a catastrophic failure. With that in mind, there are some necessary components of safe pipeline maintenance that can make the entire process easier. […]

How Does a LiDAR Drone Survey Work?

If you’re thinking of conducting a survey, you might be wondering if you should use a UAV. UAVs are a swiftly growing branch of the surveying industry — so quickly, in fact, that it’s becoming a standard. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the types of LiDAR mapping drone, how you perform a LiDAR […]

Why GIS Is Critical to Utility Mapping

When surveying, GIS data can help produce exceptionally useful, exceptionally accurate geographic data. GIS survey data can be used for a variety of activities, ranging from planning pipelines to expanding solar energy farms. Today, we’ll take a look at why GIS is critical to utility mapping. Using GIS Data for Utility Mapping GIS data and […]

Is Natural Gas “Clean Energy”?

It’s fair to say natural gas can be called “clean energy.” It can also be called cleaner energy. It really depends on your definition. Let’s take a look at how clean and sustainable natural gas really is. Is natural gas clean energy? Everyone has a different definition of “clean energy.” Natural gas has been referred to as a clean […]

Natural Gas vs. Coal: Where These Markets Are Headed

Natural gas vs. coal — what are their emissions? What is their market share? And what is the future of natural gas and coal? Both natural gas and coal may be increasing in demand, but natural gas is increasing faster.  Let’s take a deeper look. Natural Gas vs. Coal Emissions Natural gas produces about 50 […]