Types of Land Survey Services

Types of Land Survey Services: Which Do You Need?

Land surveying covers a wide variety of products and services, depending on the type of surveying that’s needed for a project. Not only does surveying occur during different stages of a project and for a variety of industries, but it’s also completed with the use of different methods and technologies. Here is a complete overview of the different types of land surveying services, including which types of land surveying are most likely to be of use for you.

Land Surveying Basics: How is Surveying Performed?

Land surveying can be completed through manned aerial missions, unmanned aerial vehicles, and manned ground travel. Surveying is one of the oldest professions in existence. Before anything can be built, the land must be surveyed and perimeters must be marked. The surrounding area must be cleared, any major issues have to be identified, and often environmental studies need to be completed.

Originally, ground travel was the most common method of land survey, and it’s still used when smaller areas are being surveyed. Surveyors use a variety of tools to map out the topography of an area by hand. Usually, this type of land surveying is used to do things like draw out simple boundary lines within suburban and urban areas. It takes time and poses some risk to the surveyors themselves.

Once airplanes and helicopters became a viable method of surveying, large surveys became far more feasible. But there are still some problems with these types of manned aerial missions: They’re expensive and can be dangerous. Even with the rigorous modern safety standards of airplanes and helicopters, there is always some level of risk when it comes to sending a crew into the air.

Today, surveying is often best performed through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Commonly known as drones, UAVs make it possible to scan terrain quickly without any surveyors ever having to be in the air. But planes, drones, and helicopters are only the methods of collecting the information; surveys also differ in how the information is collected, and how the information is used. Surveying usually uses two different types of technology to collect data: photogrammetric imaging and LiDAR imaging. Photogrammetric imaging captures information through a sequence of photos. LiDAR imaging captures information using highly precise laser scanning, for high precision land surveying.

Types of Land Surveying Services: When Do You Need a Survey?

Boundary surveys, construction staking, easement surveys, land partitions, well staking, topographic mapping, and more: There are countless types of surveying that may be needed for a project. Surveys can be completed pre-design, during the design, to manage the project, and even after the project — for the purposes of maintenance and repairs. When you need a land survey depends on how your project will use the survey, and the surveyor you hire.

Pre-design surveys are often used to simulate how a project will interact with the environment, how it will look and feel, and how much it will cost. During construction, surveys can improve the safety of the work site, and ensure that everything is progressing as it should. Post construction, surveys can be used to identify any potential problems, and to see whether maintenance or repair issues have arisen. 

The Industries of Land Surveying: How Do Different Industries Use their Surveys?

Land surveying is used throughout virtually every industry. Pipeline companies use surveying to identify the ideal routes for their pipelines in the pre-planning stages, as well as identify any potential issues with the surrounding environment. Solar companies use surveys to determine the most efficient placement of their solar panels, and to maintain their solar panels through inspections later. Construction companies often use land surveying as a way of simulating their projects before they even begin, and they can capture information for the future — such as for modifications and expansions.

Altogether, since land surveying is such a broad process, it can be difficult to know exactly what type of land survey service is needed. But that’s why there are land surveying companies. Land surveying companies can go over the details of your project and your needs to determine the ideal land surveying process for you. Contact Landpoint today to start with your consultation.