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King Surveyors, a division of Landpoint, provides superior quality surveying services emphasizing quality control through all phases of land development and construction with a high degree of personal commitment to our diverse group of clientele.

Established in 1985, King Surveyors is a professional consulting firm or registered professional land surveyors. We have served Colorado for more than 30 years.

Our company is multifaceted and concentrates on providing clientele with construction, topographical and land surveying services. Our professionals operate on the largest infrastructure projects in the region.

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Project Highlight: Fish Creek Road

King Surveyors recently concluded work with HDR on 4.5 miles of flood-damaged Fish Creek Road in Estes Park, Colorado. Private utility locates were coordinated through Underground Consulting Solutions.

This project required the compilation of aerial surveying methods, on-the-ground conventional topographic surveying, and route surveying in order to provide the information necessary to complete a redesign for the utilities and transportation infrastructure within a 300 foot buffer of the road corridor.  Furthermore, cross-sectional data throughout Fish Creek was captured at all bridges and culverts for the purposes of flood-plain modeling.

Land ownership along the 4.5 miles of road/creek was researched for purposes of right-of-entry for this project to ensure the proper legal means to collect all relevant data during the project. Additionally, CDOT Right-of-Way plans were produced per specifications.

Due to the sheer size of this project, varying types of survey methods and data, and multiple crews, a large amount of communication, coordination and planning was necessary in order to complete this project in an efficient and timely manner.

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