Landpoint Expands Its Land Surveying Services to Include UAVs

UAV Surveying, Drone Surveying, Aerial Survey Drone, UAV Lidar SurveyAward winning land surveying company, Landpoint, was granted a Section 333 status by the Federal Aviation Administration last month, allowing the company to expand its land surveying services by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for commercial purposes.

Section 333 status is granted on a case-by-case basis for certain unmanned aircraft to perform commercial operations. This certificate is a verification of qualifications as it provides operators who wish to pursue safe and legal entry into the National Airspace System with the legal means to do so. This designation is very important for those companies like Landpoint that provide aerial land surveys and other land surveying services where aerial data is required.

“This is a great asset for Landpoint, and a very exciting time says vice president Chad Souter. We are really pushing the boundaries in this rising industry. The regulatory approval is a very positive point of progression, and shows that we strive to find new ways to innovate and provide better value to our clients.”

This exemption is only available to industries covering precision agriculture, film-making, power line and pipeline inspections and oil and gas flare stack inspections. The status expands Landpoint’s UAV surveying and aerial data collection services from end to end, which includes data capture, analysis, and sophisticated data distribution.

With certified UAV operators and automated aerial survey drones, Landpoint is able to survey large areas in a day and provide deliverables within 24 hours of the initial survey. Since the company had already been experimenting with the use of UAVs for land surveying purposes, Landpoint has developed a wealth of experience using this technology. This puts Landpoint ahead of the game when it comes to land surveying services that incorporate UAVs.

Any oil and gas companies looking to have surveys executed using UAVs should visit Landpoint’s website at for more assistance.