Land Surveying Techniques: How Construction Staking Helps Projects Run Smoothly

and survey service, land survey, land surveyingLand survey services provide vital support to construction projects, most importantly through construction staking. This crucial step can influence whether a project is completed on budget, on time and free from errors, and it is in the best interests of a developer or construction company to invest in land survey services to perform the staking. An experienced, knowledgeable land surveyor can use the data collected to assist with project planning to ensure an optimal outcome.

A Land Surveying Technique That Streamline the Construction Process

Land survey companies provide construction staking for many different projects, such as utilities, subdivisions, multi-story building sites, streets and more. A team of construction stakers lays out survey points that act as a guide for creating site improvements, and the process ensures that the project is being constructed according to the builder’s, engineer’s and architect’s plans. Good construction staking is essential to good buildings.

To complete construction staking, land surveyors complete topographic and boundary surveys and perform field staking for utilities, streets, gutters, curbs, parking lots and more. They then address the proposed buildings by staking the structures’ walls, foundations and column lines. This is an essential step in the construction process because building foundations that are not properly staked can be detrimental to the entire project and costly to fix. To avoid future problems, an experienced land survey service is the best tool a builder can have.

It is important to choose a professional land survey service for construction project support. If the staking process is not correctly completed, the consequences can be dire for the remainder of the project. The importance of a properly completed staking is even more magnified in commercial construction projects due to the larger budgets and structures.

Ensuring that a qualified professional from a reputable land survey service is conducting your staking survey is the most worthwhile investment you can make. Learn more about construction staking and other land surveying techniques by contacting Landpoint today.

Image By: survcentex