Oil and Gas Surveying: What You Should Know

pipeline land surveying (1)Accurate mapping is crucial to the success of all oil and gas projects. Landpoint provides the most accurate and detailed maps possible by utilizing sophisticated GIS technology.These maps and tools help land departments plan their oil and gas development projects better, organize data, and build infrastructure.

GIS Mapping for Land Departments in Oil and Gas Projects

When a land department contacts Landpoint to assist in the development of infrastructure projects, our team leverages GIS mapping technologies to produce highly accurate and detailed maps. While traditional land surveying firms only produce a simple PDF plat, Landpoint’s GIS technologies produce maps and visualizations that make it easy to analyze and assess different map types and data sets while still providing the same deliverables that agents are accustomed to receiving. The large amount of data collected by survey crews on the ground is seamlessly transferred to GIS databases in our private cloud, making the information accessible to authorized parties at any time from any device. All you need to access the maps and data is a device with an Internet connecting, such as a tablet or smartphone. This accessibility coupled with the high level of detail provided by GIS technologies makes for faster, more efficient and more effective project planning and execution. Check out this demo that shows the data we manage, including well locations, ownership, pipeline centerlines and pipeline right of ways.

Why Turn to Landpoint for Oil and Gas Surveying

Landpoint’s knowledgeable oil and gas team stays committed to the customer and the project. The initial survey is only the first step in the process, and the customized services such as GIS consist of tools that provide significant value to infrastructure projects.

Unlike 97% other oil and gas surveying companies that employ less than 24 personnel, Landpoint is made up of over 200 highly trained and experienced experts. This large professional team enables us to mobilize quickly and complete projects faster. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and we work closely with land departments to plan projects of any size.

Image by – Simon_Nathan