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What Sets a Commercial UAV Apart from a Consumer Model?

Ten years ago, UAVs were almost strictly within the purview of commercial applications. Today, many households have UAVs at home. UAVs are everything from toys for children to highly advanced, professional machines. But where is the line drawn? What are the differences between a commercial UAV and a consumer model? How can you tell the […]

How Does LiDAR Work, and What Are Its Limitations?

LiDAR is one of the leading options for surveying today, and it’s easy to see why. As a technology, it’s advanced, highly accurate, and fast. Compared to competing technology, it’s more effective and accurate a greater percentage of the time. To fully understand the benefits of LiDAR, you need to understand how LiDAR works, and […]

Why Accurate BIM is a Construction Company’s Dream

From preserving historic museums to developing new condominiums, building information modeling (BIM) is changing the face of architecture, design, and construction. Through accurate BIM, construction companies are able to plot out their projects in virtual space, anticipating issues, reducing re-works, and otherwise improving their return on investment. Here’s why accurate BIM is a construction company’s dream. […]

3D Architecture Modeling: How a Video Game Could Save Notre Dame

When the Notre Dame cathedral burned in 2019, the entire world watched with rapt, horrified attention. The Notre Dame cathedral has long been a major historical treasure. Since 1163, it’s been known as a superb example of architecture. It has stored valuable works of art and antiques, and has become one of the most common […]

What to Look for when Hiring a Land Survey Company

You’re looking for a land drone survey company with drone experience. But how can you find the best one? With there being so many land survey companies available today, it can be difficult to determine the most capable. Here are a few of the major things that you should look for before committing to a […]

Why Accurate Geospatial Data is Critical to Solar Farm Development

Geospatial data, including GIS, can be used throughout a solar farm development — to better analyze and simulate terrain, to identify potential issues with an on-going development, and to analyze and optimize performance. As geospatial data (and drone technology) become more advanced, it can provide more robust surveys and scanning, and more complex features. Here […]

What is Surveying in Civil Engineering? Why Surveyors Are Critical to Public Works

What is surveying in civil engineering? Why is it so critical? Surveying is involved in everything — from accurately drawing boundaries between private and public land, to inspecting bridges and other critical infrastructure. Without surveying, the placement, security, and safety of projects cannot be assured. Here’s an overview of how surveying works with civil engineering […]