What Are The Common Types of Environmental Reviews?

types-of-environmental-reviewLandpoint’s environmental consulting team provides a number of different services that help clientsplan and implement projects from start to finish. Our highly trained and experienced team works hand-in-hand with clients to conduct the following types of environmental reviews:

Wetland Determination, Delineation, and Permitting

Wetlands provide significant economic, social, and cultural benefits; they are also federally protected. Landpoint’s environmental and wetland staff has extensive training and experience to ensure that your project is not in violation of these precious resources. It is vital that any development project is assessed for any potential jurisdictional wetland impacts. Our staff is trained to recognize wetland criteria and advise our clients on the proper actions to avoid extensive delays, fines, and penalties that can occur when these guidelines are violated.

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC Plan)

SPCC plans are required on all energy production locations, and are vital to the integrity of the environment. These documents include detailed information and procedures in the case of an accidental spill or leak. Landpoint has all resources that are required to complete these plans and implement them for our clients.

Commercial SWD & Class II SWD Well Permitting

The permitting and construction of a commercial saltwater disposal site is a tremendous and extremely timely procedure. Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of this immense process. Landpoint has all resources to carry out the permit process including site selection, geology, environmental review, mapping, construction, and development of the facility. We ensure that these projects meet all state and federal requirements and are environmentally secure.

These are just some of the many environmental reviews and services offered by Landpoint. Contactour experienced team today to learn more about how environmental reviews can help your project from the planning stage to implementation!

Image By: USACE HQ