What to Look for in a Land Surveying Company

survey resized 600Choosing the best professional land surveying company up front can save you time, money, worries and potential legal problems down the road. The highly complex and technical work done by land surveying services is the foundation upon which your project will be built, making it imperative that you choose a professional, reputable company. Here are three quick tips to assist in making the right choice.

  1. Sophistication is key.

    Land surveying requires a very specific skill set and complex technologies. Choose a company that uses the most advanced surveying equipment to ensure accuracy. The traditional transit and tape method is surpassed by electronic distance and angle measuring equipment combined with global positioning systems, and these tools result in efficient, accurate and cost-effective land surveys.

    Sophistication goes beyond just the hardware that is used. Select a company that offers a wide range of services, thoughtful integration between services and extensive record management to meet your future needs.

  2. Recommendations and awards matter.

    All land surveyors in the United States must be licensed, but there is still plenty of variation in the level of services provided. A license alone does not guarantee professional land surveying services, just as a driver’s license does not make every driver a pro racer. Choose a reputable land surveying company you can trust by asking other professionals for recommendations. Look for an award-winning company with a proven history of providing accurate services and exceeding customer expectations.

    Land surveying services are a considerable investment, and choosing a company out of the yellow pages or based on an advertisement is not recommended. Protect your investment and get your project started off on the right foot by only choosing a company with outstanding recommendations and a history of award-winning work.

  3. Consider cost, but not too much.

    It may be tempting to go with the cheapest estimate you receive, but the adage “you get what you pay for” rings especially true for the land surveying industry. Cheaper surveys can lead to costly long-term errors, so if you opt to pay less now, you may pay far more later.

    As you consider cost, keep in mind that survey estimates vary according to many factors, including the location, terrain, size of parcel, type of survey, accessibility, time of year, vegetation, level of detail required and other details. To get an accurate estimate, you must meet with a professional surveyor to discuss your specific needs.

    Use this criteria to narrow down your list of options, then meet with each company to discuss what solutions they can provide for you.


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