Town & Country Surveyors

Established in 2003, Town and Country Surveyors, LLC,  is a land surveying company, located in The Woodlands, Texas thirty miles north of downtown Houston on Interstate 45.

In 2015, Landpoint acquired Town and Country Surveyors, and  has helped grow the company by adding additional resources and new service lines to the location.

Town and Country offers many services, and specializes in the following:

Landpoint acquires Town and Country Surveyors

Land Title Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Land Title Surveys
Category 1A and ALTA/ACSM Certified

Oil Production, Pipeline and Facilities Surveying
New Production Units
Well Location Surveys
Pipeline Surveys

Telecommunication Surveys
Lease and Fee Sites
1A and 2C Certificates

Topographic Surveys
Topography Surveys, conventional and Lidar
Tree Surveys

Elevation Certificates
Subdivision Platting
Environmental Surveys