Gateway Plaza

This retail development site presented a challenging question of how to provide water and sewer services. There were three right-of-ways between the project and the supply: a 250′ ROW of Bus I-20; plus a 100′ of Texas Pacific Railroad; and finally a 100′ ROW along Industrial Blvd.

The solution was to bore underneath all three. West Company coordinated with multiple parties to address the numerous legal and functional issues.

The company is currently providing services on the Gateway Plaza – Section 2.

Scope / Requirements

Research: Perform adequate research to locate boundary lines of surveys affected.
Surveying:  Locate As-Built Pipeline easement.
Drafting: Prepare pipeline easement plats with field note description for each landowner the easement crosses.


The Gateway Plaza is located at the Loop 250 & Bus I-20 intersection in Midland, TX.

More Information

Image Source: Loopnet