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Environmental Consulting Services

Landpoint’s environmental consulting team knows how to navigate through the regulatory process with ease from start to finish. Each member of our team is highly trained and experienced to direct projects through permitting regulations. Our environmental review experts are devoted to working hand-in-hand with clients and offer a variety of environmental services to help make sure that your construction project runs smoothly.

Landpoint – Not Like Other Environmental Consulting Firms

Maintaining a close professional relationship with state and federal agencies enables smooth project planning and scoping, while expediting processing to approval. For more than 20 years, we have exceeded our client’s project goals while staying within regulatory guidelines using our experience and knowledge of environmental policies.

Landpoint’s staff provides a number of environmental services including natural resource studies, environmental review, contamination assessments, and permitting to resolve complex issues at an unmatchable response time. Cooperation between engineers and planners allow us to identify hidden potential and optimize land use for clients.

Winning Approval Strategies

Whether a project demands wetland strategies, environmental impact assessments, wildlife studies, permitting, creative mitigation, sustainable storm water management or an overall environmental review, we can develop an innovative solution to win ecological approvals. Backed by our regulatory credibility, we assure to bring forth solutions that result in successful projects.

Environmental Services For:

  • Oil & Gas Production

  • Oil & Gas Pipelines

  • Commercial & Industrial

  • Residential Development