City of Fort Collins Improvement Surveys

As the City of Fort Collins, Colorado on call Surveyor, our firm was contracted to provide a Topographic Survey for the old town portion of the city.

Our Role / Services Provided

The purpose of the survey was to aid in the replacement of 18 old water lines and sewer lines. Surveying took place in a heavily populated portion of town which complicated the process of collecting data and required the use of both GPS and conventional surveying methods. These surveys included platted property lines, locating property pins and right-of-way information. Subdivision plats were moved and rotated to match the property pin locations. Additionally, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and top of operating nuts of waterline elevations were given along with approximate pipe sizes. All information was provided in State Plane Coordinates.


This project was located in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado.

More Information

Image Source: fcgov and destinationcolorado