• Point Cloud Data

    Each pulse of the laser from a scanner creates a single point in space, with 50,000+ pulses per second a point cloud is quickly created.

  • Aerial 3D View

    Still frame from the 3D rendered computer animation of the gas production facility.

  • Ambient Occlusion

    Black and white render of the facility.

  • Compressor

    Close up render of a compressor unit.

    Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling

Gas Processing Facility

A large oil and natural gas operator completed a segment of their gas production and processing facility and required an immediate ALTA survey. The full scan took one day to complete and the typical survey deliverables for ALTA certification were completed shortly after. In addition to the 2D deliverables, Landpoint was able to create fully interactive 3D models, animations, and maintenance material from the same original scan.

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