Chemical Plant Explosion

In 2012, an explosion at a chemical plant occurred damaging the plant enough to shut down production. The plant specializes in producing agricultural chemicals for fertilizing

Scope / Requirements

After the explosion, Landpoint was called to the site with the explosion specialists. Our duty was to collect the coordinates of all debris within a 1900′ radius by means of GPS and 3D Laser Scanning for the building interiors and surrounding equipment. These debris particles were categorized, label, and grid marked for review.

Currently, Landpoint is providing construction staking services for the new ammonia plant, DMW2, and nitric acid plant which consist of staking the pipe racks, boiler houses, steam turbine generator, control room buildings, ammonia tank, weak acid tank, storm drain, electric lines, and MCC buildings.

Our Role / Services Provided

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Data Collection
    • GPS Coordinates
  • Construction Staking


Landpoint was hired in the beginning of 2013 and the project will continue to progress throughout 2015

More Information

Image Source: Grow El Dorado