45 Mile Pipeline

Our Team surveyed a 45 mile pipeline from Driver to McCamey, Texas. For more information pertaining to this project please see the Scope/Requirements tab below.

Scope / Requirements

Field Work

  • Quality Control
  • Preliminary Routing Survey & Topographic Survey
  • Construction Staking – Centerline and limits
  • Pipeline As-Built survey incorporating client provided Data Dictionary with collection of all pipe attribution


  • Preliminary Centerline Platting with Field Notes
  • Road Crossing Exhibits as needed
  • Production of Construction Alignment Sheets
  • As-Built Centerline Platting with Field Notes
  • Production of As-Built Alignment sheets using Skyline product line (i.e. Blue Sky)
  • Delivery of GIS Product in form of SEED file, .kmz, Access Database, .gdb file set as needed

More Information

Image Source: Mastec