The Dangers of a Poor Property Line Survey

land surveyingWe all know the importance of having accurately mapped-out property lines, but do you know how this is actually accomplished and what some of the consequences are if it is not done correctly?

Determining an accurate boundary line is accomplished by considering many factors. First, a land surveyor will review the deed work and the legal description of the property and surrounding properties. This entails that all common boundaries are addressed. Then a field search is performed for existing monumentation. The land surveyor will use specialized GPS systems to measure exact angles and distances of these located monuments. This data is then compared with previous survey data by a professional land surveyor. After the boundary is resolved, the surveyor will set any new monuments that were destroyed or lost and mark all finalized monuments with stakes, flagging, or spray paint. Finally, any deliverables such as a survey plat will be provided to the client or corresponding companies.

When is a property line survey needed?

Professional land surveys may be needed to establish boundary lines when an individual or a business purchases a new property or refinances an existing one. Financial institutions need to know the precise acreage of land, and insurance companies must be aware of the proximity of hazards, like streams or creeks, to the property.

Boundary lines may also need to be established if an individual or business wishes to make changes on their land, such as erecting a fence or building service roads. It is important that whatever is built does not go onto a neighboring property because the property owner may face criminal trespassing charges or be told to destroy it, therefore losing their investment. A professional boundary survey can prevent this issue from becoming a problem.

Why do I need a property line survey? Why can’t I just use an approximation?

An approximation of a location stems from “hunches,” but a professional land survey is based on precise calculations that considers all legal requirements. Approximations may not be used in a court of law during disputes; only the professional opinion of a certified land surveyor may be admitted as evidence. Establishing the true property line protects your property value and rights and helps you plan better projects.

Choosing to invest in a property line survey is a great decision, but the company you choose is just as important. Contact a professional, reputable, skilled surveying firm, like Landpoint, to get the most accurate results and avoid any pitfalls when mapping out your property lines. If you would like to receive a free quote on your project, click here and provide the necessary information.

Image By: Johan G