Laser Scanning Scope of Work

Phase 1

Phase 1 (Field Scan)
1. Laser scanning – 85 scans of the oil and gas facility incorporating all tanks, pumps, stacks, pipe runs, offices, bodies of water and land that meet all Jacobs specifications.
2. Acquire GPS coordinates for control on specific target locations.
3. Document onsite observations
4. Create monuments for target locations with a 60d steel pin or 5/8” iron rod.

Phase 2

Phase 2 (Point Cloud Registration & Extraction)
1. Registration of all scans and assembling GPS coordinate points.
2. Cleaning of point cloud into multiple layers allowing for specific survey information to be extracted.
3. Extract data of all assets to be included on the Topographic deliverables.
4. Screen shots and photographs for visual notes to help in drafting plotted points.
5. Exporting point clouds to PTX format.

Phase 3

Phase 3 (Drafting & Deliverables)
1. Drafting points and labeling.
2. Production of deliverables.
3. Transferring data to an external hard drive