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Landpoint is an award winning land surveying company. Our team of professional land surveyors, engineers, and technical specialists can provide technology-driven solutions for projects of all sizes across the US.

Our company continues to push the envelope in creating unique solutions and processes for all services and resources we deliver, as we strive to create long-term business partnerships.

We operate in the top oil and gas plays across the US. The company, and its subsidiaries, work on some of the largest infrastructure development projects in their respective regions

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Project Highlight: 3D Facility Simulation

Our team of engineers and surveyors scanned a large oil and gas facility and converted the scan to models in a virtual reality environment for safety training and disposition of assets. The procedure was as follows:

  • Scan the entire environment using terrestrial scanners and UAV’s
  • Convert the point clouds to models
  • Texture the models
  • Create the 3D environment
  • Utilize the Oculus Rift to move through the facility in 3D
  • Create waypoints in the environment for audio/visual safety training.

Additionally, the point cloud (accurate within 4mm) was provided to the companies engineering division for further expansion of the facility.

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