Municipal & Federal

60 Miles of Road

Surveyed This Year

16 Bridges

In the last 12 months

1,000 Miles of Utilities Surveyed

Across the U.S.

Municipal & Federal Market

Our Engineers and road surveyors work closely with officials and contractors in the municipal and federal market.  In order to support complex projects, we use the latest technologies for fast and accurate data collection for development. We stay mindful to abide by strict safety requirements, and possess the experience to regulate on tight schedules. Landpoint is professionally registered, licensed, and experienced throughout most of the U.S., serving clients from multiple U.S. office locations. Our teams of road surveyors have decades of experience delivering the required services to meet any time constraints.

Bridges, Tunnel, Highway, and Road Construction Surveyings

Roads, bridges, and tunnels are the lifeline to the United States transportation system and must be maintained due to deterioration or expanded to keep up with a growing economy. In order to sustain these lifelines they must continually be monitored with surveys. Landpoint can perform road construction surveying, highway construction surveying, and other services and provide progressive data at your fingertips.  With our extensive 3D Laser Scanning knowledge, we are capable of providing our clients with comprehensive, conducive deliverables. To learn more visit our 3D Modeling and Simulations Service page.

Safety is Our Priority

On the job site, safety and accurate end results are of paramount importance. Our road surveyors are 100% ISNetworld, PEC/Premier, and PICS compliant in all areas of operation. We enforce that all personnel are NCMS DOT drug and alcohol compliant.

Thanks to this commitment to safety and quality, Landpoint has an outstanding Health, Safety, and Environmental record.

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