UAV Surveying, Drone Surveying, Aerial Survey Drone, UAV Lidar Survey


Mining / Energy Development

Benefits of UAV’s (Drones)

In addition to increased efficiency at every phase of a project, UAV’s provide specific benefits.

Speed & Cost Savings

Millions of survey grade points collected per second. Substantially reduced collection / inspection time. Rapid deliverable turn-around time.

Quality & Accuracy

3-5cm accuracy. Hundreds of millions of points to use for design, calculations, & certifications. Ultra high resolution imagery.


Reduced time on-site. Collection occurs away from actual components.

The UAV Difference

Our certified UAV operators control the process of data capture, analysis, and archival from end to end. Many of the processes involved with an aerial survey drone have been automated and are now available in an extremely compact method of delivery.

    • 400 Acres / hour
    • 24 Hour turn-around
    • A fraction of the cost of traditional collection methods
    • Industry leading 3cm of accuracy (survey grade)
    • Access maps from any device

Deliverable Products

In addition to typical survey deliverables, here are a few of the additional items that can be generated

UAV Surveying, Drone Surveying, Aerial Survey Drone, UAV Lidar Survey

All data is stored on a secured site and can be accessed as needed.


Download point cloud files, models, and other deliverables to any device at any time

Easy Data Access

We make it easy for your team to get everything you need in one spot. You won’t have to dig through old e-mails looking for attachments when everything is up to date and in one spot on our secured site.

  • Find all survey plats and deliverables in one place
  • See maps, models, and project status at any time
  • Fly through raw point clouds on any PC and extract the information you need into the program of your choice


Previously, measurements had to be taken on the ground with a laser scanner, but now they can be taken from the sky with camera-mounted drones. This way, measurements are often faster and more precise than those taken on the ground.

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