Drones & The Mining Industry

Navigating a dynamic environment

UAV’s are completely changing the way the mining industry tracks activity and volumes. There are a plethora of hardware and software vendors, as well as “drone” service companies offering one-off solutions. This can be extremely frustrating for companies who want to embrace the new opportunities presented by UAV technology, but find there are significant gaps in these providers’ offering which are not seen until an extensive due diligence process. Don’t buy into the hype of these one-off solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges you face with stand-alone solutions and see how Landpoint bridges the gap.

3D mapping in a browser

Can’t I just use my own drone?

Yes, you can. However, you should be prepared to commit substantial time and resources to overcome the following technical and financial challenges.

  • Navigate the regulatory environment (FAA) and maintain certified members on staff.
  • Invest in specific hardware every 6 months, to keep up with technology advancements.
  • Train staff on how to use special hardware for collection, and software for processing photogrammetric data.
  • Hire a technical specialist or licensed surveyor to insure calculations and survey coordinate data is accurate.
  • Develop a processing, storage, and data distribution / archival platform for all flight data.
  • Set and maintain extensive ground control, or invest in very expensive RTK equipment to avoid this step.
  • Maintain liability and professional insurance.

Why use Landpoint?

We maintain internal solutions for all of the above, with dedicated technical staff. Additionally, we are licensed surveyors, so you can rest assured that the calculations and data we provide are 100% accurate. The hardware we use does not require ground points for survey grade accuracy, saving time and keeping our staff from having to be directly on-site for flights. We cover the entire United States.

We provide tools for you to visualize and download your data at any time, from any device.

  • Visualize in 3D (Web based – no special software required)
  • Volume Calculations / Comparisons (against past flights)
  • Grade Calculation
  • Surface & Linear Measurements
  • Elevation checks

Easy volume calculations

Grade change measurements


For what it costs to hire a full time technical specialist, we can provide a turn-key service at monthly, quarterly, or annual flights. You don’t pay for storage, and your historical data is available forever to compare against current conditions.

How do I get started?

Briefly tell us about your project, and we will develop a specialized proposal for your review.