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What Are the Limits of Using Drones in Construction?

Drones are very useful tools for any construction project, but they aren’t without some challenges. There are some limitations to the use of drones in construction, as well as potential complications. Using a company that specializes in drone technology can help you navigate some of these challenges. Drone Regulations Continue to Change Rapidly changing regulations […]

Aerial Imaging Services: A Primer

If you need aerial imaging done, what technology will you use? There are a lot of options open to you, and there isn’t always a clear winner. When choosing your aerial imaging services, you will usually choose both the imaging technology and the aerial vehicle. Any combination of these may be available, so let’s look […]

4 Hidden Benefits of Using Oil and Gas Drones

Drones can provide a number of benefits for companies in the oil and gas industry, from reducing costs to improving safety. By integrating drones into their operations, oil and gas companies can improve their surveying, regular maintenance checks, and safety and business processes. Here are some of the hidden benefits of using oil and gas […]

Everything You Need to Know About UAV LiDAR Mapping

If you’re currently planning a land survey, you may be wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of LiDAR mapping technology. Through UAV LiDAR mapping, environments can be mapped down to extraordinary detail, even through brush and foliage. UAV LiDAR mapping is the most technologically-advanced and convenient solution today and understanding the technology behind it is critical to understanding […]

A Look at Landpoint’s Turnkey 3D Surveying Services

3D surveying isn’t just a single process; it’s composed of multiple parts. From initial planning to processing ansd compiling the data, there are several technologies and specializations involved. Finding a 3D survey provider who can complete your 3D surveying end-to-end will provide faster, cheaper, more accurate results. The Importance of a High-Quality Survey 3D surveying services […]

Cut Maintenance Costs with Drone Pipeline Inspections

More than 2.7 million miles of pipeline operate over federal ground. As pipelines are further developed, it becomes necessary to improve upon their cost-effectiveness while not sacrificing safety. New unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technology can help. Pipelines have to be maintained to remain safe, and there are many advantages to using unmanned aerial vehicles for […]

How HD Laser Scanning Helps the Pipeline Construction Process At All Levels

When a pipeline project experiences any type of delay or isn’t running as efficiently as possible, it has a huge impact on the bottom line. Every aspect of the pipeline construction process, including planning, design, layout, and management, is highly time dependent. The sooner your company is able to get a pipeline functional, the sooner you […]